22.12.2023 – The tides and winds were both against us

Yesterday we spent most of the day going backwards with the engine on and no sails set. The tides and winds were both against us so we had to work hard just to stay where we were, the distant cliffs of England remaining unchanged throughout. The seas were choppy and the waves were perfectly arranged to resonate with the Alex-2 and turn her into a fairground banana boat. The general levels of seasickness had declined but they rose again and some students showed just how tough they were. Bran, for instance, was seen dashing from backshaft to complete an emergency manoeuvre and returned moments later to get on with the job. Then he ate dinner, threw it all up and returned, unfazed, once again, to his position in dish-pit. The seas have calmed again this morning and the adventure continues.


Date     October 22 2023

Time     8:00

Distance travelled in voyage 475 NM

Distance to destination 90 NM

Longitude 50.003*N

Latitude 0.3643*E

Temperature 12 degrees

Speed 0 knots

Sea state 3

Wind Force 3