27.10.2023 – a long and tiring day

Daily Update


Yesterday was a long and tiring day, with a lot of big waves and rough ocean tossing us around but it’s a lot of fun. Sunsets and sunrises are so amazing and beautiful. There was an event committee meeting. There is going to be a costume contest to see who can make the best costume for Halloween and decorations for the Halloween party. It has been hard with classes and going to watch right after, but it is an adventure and learning experience for a lifetime that is going to last forever.


Date: 27th October 2023

Time: 8:00 am

Long: 6.158 N

Lat: 49.69 N

Sailing status: under motor

Total distance to destination: 579 NM

Total distance travelled 24hrs: 111 NM

Average speed 24hrs: 3.6 knts

Totalled distance travelled: 192 NM

Wind: 25 knts Westerly

Sea state: Rough

Temp: 16 c

Log keepers: Kiara & Justin