19.10.2023 – Bon voyage!

Bon voyage! Hasta la vista! Fair well! The lines that held us to the shore are un tied and we are off to France. The day was started with a cool shower for Laura and Yule as it’s their birthday. Then disembarked from Bremerhaven for a 5 ish day sail to France then off to Porto! Watches and back shaft (kitchen aid) have officially started and spirits are high. We are learning the ropes, getting comfy in the rigging and making a dent in the gavel. First cabin check went well. Well…it went ok. Zip ties, duck tape and rope have become our new best friends as we try to pass our cabin checks without complaint, second only to the delightful comfort of our beds. We all got spiffy green custom-made water bottles, to stay hydrated and warm in the high seas. Talking about seas, it did get a little rocky and a few
are not holding anything down. Luckily, we are strong together and will conquer it all with plain bread always on hand to stabilise the churning of our stomachs. Excitement, challenge, and team work are on the horizon.  We hope they will make their way to the ship. Fair winds and following tides!

Thank you to everyone reading and following our journey,

Ali and all the people onboard







Date October 19 2023

Time 8:00

Distance travelled in voyage 210 NM

Distance to destination 360 NM

Longitude 53.446*N

Latitude 3.563*E

Temperature 10 degrees

Speed 6.8 knots

Sea state 5

Wind Force 5