20.12.2021 – Santo Antao was amazing

Santo Antao was amazing


The sun is shining in Cabo Verde! Yesterday we had the optional port program to the nearby island of Santo Antao and it was amazing. The island is very different to this one with lots of lush vegetation. The guides were really good at answering our questions and giving us an insight into what life is like for Cabo Verdeans beyond the cities like Mindelo. We saw some amazing landscapes and felt like we got much closer to the culture. Today the second half of the Mindelo port program is happening, there’s a crew change on the Alex-2 and provisioning and bunkering are both about to happen – we’re getting ready for the Atlantic crossing and it’s getting exciting.


LOG KEEPER: Connor Teskey

Date— Monday December 20

Time —0800

Temperature— 24 degrees

Lat — 16 53 minutes N

Long —25 0.6 minutes W

Sea state— 1

Wind focus— 1

Sailing status— at anchor

Distance to destination— 0 not/miles

Distance this voyage — 4177 Not/mile