21.12.2021 – chillen in Cabo Verde

chillen in Cabo Verde


Hey FrIeNdS!! We’ve been #chilling in Cabo Verde the past few days! As our port program, we all took a tour of the city and got to see various local food markets and TONS OF CATS! Some of us even swam with turtles, while others lugged five bags of snacks back to the ship after their « small » grocery run. We are leaving today, at 1700 hours, #sadtimes, but now we have the Atlantic crossing #funkyfresh!!! HAPPY EARLY CHRISTMAS OR WHATEVER ELSE YOU CELEBRATE!!!


Date – Tuesday, December 21st

Time – 0800

Lat – 16 degrees 53 minutes North

Long – 24 degrees 59 minutes West

Wind force – 3

Sea state – 2

Temperature – 22 degrees

Sailing status –  not sailing

Total distance to destination is 0 NM

Total distance in last 24 hours is 0 NM

Total distance since Bremerhaven 0 NM

Average speed is 0 knots