20.02.2022 – a kite building workshop

We had a great day in Hamilton yesterday exploring the town and beaches. For the port program we visited the cathedral and got to climb all 96 steps to the roof where we were given a virtual tour of the island… you could see the sea in every direction. Kite building is a tradition here and we attended a kite building workshop. They attach reeds to the kites that they call ‘hummers’… when they fly they make a really loud screeching noise. We all made our own.


Date : 20th February 2022

Time: 0800

Latitude: 32deg 17.5N

Longitude: 64 deg 46.9W

Wind force: 5

Sea state: 2

Temperature: 18 degrees

Weather: Sunny

Distance in 24 hr: 0

Distance since Bremerhaven: ca.9700

Speed: 0

Sailing status: not sailing

Log keeper: Carleen