21.02.2022 – crystal caves and beach games

Yesterday we had an amazing tour of the crystal caves, a network of limestone caves full of stalagmites and brackish water that was discovered originally by two young boys who lost their cricket ball in a cave and went down to retrieve it! They never found the ball. Afterwards we all went to Clearwater Beach and had   that included egg and spoon races, tug of wars (all of which were won by the girls teams!!!) and a game where we all had to lie down in groups of 5 and balance buckets of water on our collective feet while we did things like sit ups, trying not to drop the bucket on us. It was great fun! Today we have a bonus day of shore leave as we prepare for the crossing with the new Alex-2 crew, all of whom seem really friendly and excited about the trip.

Date : 21st February 2022

Time: 0800

Latitude: 32deg 17.5N

Longitude: 64 deg 46.9W

Wind force: 5

Sea state: 2

Temperature: 18 degrees

Weather: Sunny

Distance in 24 hr: 0

Distance since Bremerhaven: 9799.2 NM

Speed: 0

Sailing status: not sailing

Log keeper: Chantal