09.01.2024 – Yesterday we had an amazing trip to Jaw Jaw

Yesterday we had an amazing trip to Jaw Jaw, a nearby Maroon village. We all hiked up to the cassava fields and harvested the cassava root. They were easy to pull from the ground and then we had to use a machete to detach the tubers from the plants. We then returned to the village and were divided into 3 groups to do workshops that included, making coconut oil from raw coconut, processing the cassava roots into flour and processing raw rice into the rice you’d find in a packet and decorating calabash bowls. Each station was run by a local woman and our guides, Kenneth, Errol and Alberto, were amazing at telling us how the processes were happening. Afterwards we had an amazing dinner – the food has been incredible throughout – and then people could stay for hair-braiding if they chose to. Everyone else went back to the rapids to cool off. In the evening we had a reflection on our experiences and then said an emotional goodbye to Bernardo who was leaving in the morning. He did his last colours and then we all said goodbye. He will be missed so much.


Daily Update

January 9, 2024

Time: 0800

Temperature: 26 degrees C

Avg speed in last 24 hrs: 0

Distance in last 24 hrs: 0

Total distance travelled this voyage: 1800nm

Distance to destination: 104nm to Suriname

Sea state: 0

Wind speed: breezy

Sailing status: no engine

Log Keeper: Bernardo