13.01.2024 – The class afloat football was almost lost

The day has finally come, the lucky students  to take the first exams are those in high-school biology and English.  However at least those students had their stomachs full with a great breakfast. The exam started at 9am so there was a gap of time for everyone to cram a semesters worth of information between colours and the start of the test. The main excitement for today was the zodiacs were taken down for maintenance. It was otherwise a quiet morning and afternoon for the students on the Alex. The mess was mostly full of students preparing for their exams in the upcoming days with the odd game of cards being played. The deck was the chosen place for everyone making calls home to friends and family. The class afloat football was almost lost by students on the pier getting a few more hours of solid ground beneath their feet, but not to fear it was rescued from the water in no time. It seems everyone is excited to get back to the ocean tomorrow, on their way to see family back home or to enjoy the beaches of Barbados.


Latitude: 5.770 degrees North

Longitude: 55.154 degrees West

Average speed past 24hr: slow

Distance past 24hr: length of the ship

Total distance traveled this voyage: 0 nm

Distance to destination: ~500 nm

Sea state: harbour

Wind state: calm

Sailing status: moored