08.01.2024 – Today was a good day

We set out from the Alex II bright and early on a 3 hour bus ride to a place called Isadou. We then got in long motorized canoes and traveled 40 minutes upstream to a lovely little establishment deep in the jungle. We spent our afternoon frolicking in the river and eating delicious food. As I’m writing this, half our group is on a cayman observation trip downriver in the dark of night, looking out for glowing red eyes. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we are all stoked to get a break from life onboard and classes, especially with exams coming up.


Time: 0800

Latitude:  a bit south of 5.53N

Longitude:  55.66W ish

Temperature: 25 degrees C

Avg speed in last 24 hrs: how fast was the bus?

Sea state: grassy

Wind speed: minimal breeze

Sailing status: by the river

Log Keeper: Anders