07.12.2023 – The first day on Cabo Verde

The first day on land in Cape Verde today started with being shuttled into the Harbour by pilot boats and continued as we made our way to the mindelo ocean research center where we learned about the marine biodiversity and native aquatic animals in Cape Verde. We were also given time to explore the labs before we separated into our groups for the day. Many students headed straight to the beach for an afternoon of surfing and sun while others attended a historical walking tour of the city, where they got to experience local delacies and visit the local vegetable and fish markets in the island. Overall, the students enjoyed their first day on land in over 10 days. But regarding esim charges; please don’t ask…

Dec 7, 2023


16.897030 latitude

-24.990490 longitude

Distance traveled this voyage: approx. 1000 nm

Distance traveled in the last 24 hours: 0 nm

distance to destination: 452.4 km

Sea state: 2

Wind state: 1

Sailing status: docked