06.12.2023 – we saw land for the first time in 10 days

Daily update for colours Dec 6- Simone

Today was a wonderful day as we saw land for the first time in 10 days! Our sail from Madeira to Cabo Verde was beautiful and the waters were calm. Now that we are in Cabo Verde, we’ve anchored in the harbour. The day was filled with climbing the rigging to pack sails, learning to do ‘anchor watch’ and take bearings, a deep ship clean, cabin checks, and a concert by the ship’s orchestra in the evening!! There’s another tall ship sailing school program that’s on anchor here as well, so we said hello to some of the students from there too. A set of sea shanties, Beatles covers, and Christmas carols made up the concert which was enjoyed by all. It was also the Dutch holiday ‘Sinterklaas’ so two students exchanged gifts and sang the traditional songs. Us students are holding out hope for a swim call and are excited for all Cabo Verde has to offer!

6th of December

Latitude: 16.87 n

Longitude: 24.98 w

Average speed last 24h: 4 knots

Distance last 24h: 0 nm

Total distance travelled: 1191.5 nm

Total distance to destination: 0 nm

Temperature: 24C

Sea state: 1

Wind state: 1

Sailing status: anchored

Log keeper: Valerie