05.12.2023 – The floaties have had wonderful watches

Daily update December 5th 

Dear parents and family,

The floaties have had wonderful watches filled with deck work, dolphins, rig climbing, sail training and a bunch of bioluminescence and star gazing at night. Congratulation to our amazing fishing club who caught three mahi tunas yesterday! And the holiday spirit keeps growing everyday! – written by Anna

5th of December

Latitude: 16 degrees 55.54 min N

Longitude: 25 degrees 05.02 min W

Average speed last 24h: 4 knots

Distance last 24h: 100 nm

Total distance travelled: 1191.5 nm

Total distance to destination: 5.3 nm

Temperature: 24C

Sea state: 2

Wind state: 5

Sailing status: sailing

Log keeper: Valerie