TÖRN 113.19 – Position 16.04.2019


Törn:                                    113.19
Datum:                                16.04.2019
Mittagsposition:              52° 38,2‘ N   3° 55,7‘ E
Das Wetter:                      sonnig, immer noch kalter Wind, Höchsttemperaturen um 8 °C
Titel/Überschrift:            Kurze Zusammenfassung des Tages von Tamara, unserer spanischen Gastcrew, die seit 34 Tagen bei uns an Bord ist.


It’s a cold and windy day. But it’s sunny so… I’m happy. I woke up at 9.30 to have breakfast.

Throughout the day a group was taught how to use the sextant.

There was also a firefight lesson where we could see how to use the firefight equipment.

Furthermore, the doctor gave a first aid lesson to everybody who was interested.

The chefs surprised us with a very delicious meal – stuffed pepper with rice, yummy!

Even without proper sailing we are not bored and learn a lot here on board. Everybody is in good mood and most of us got over the sea sickness.