TÖRN 109.19 – Position 08.03.2019


Törn:     109.19
Datum: 08.03.19
Mittagsposition:              Breite 28836,2 – Länge: 014 Grad 28,8
Das Wetter:       heiter bis windig
Titel/Überschrift:             Unkind Seas and High Winds

>Ein Bericht aus der Sicht unserer “kanadischen Landratte” Olivia<

March 8th, 2019

Yesterday we spent the better part of the afternoon preparing the ship for our upcoming voyage. At 14:00 we were able to depart Las Palmas, heading North. As we motored out we were greeted with high winds and large swells. The wind was not in our favor. Sometime after dinner around 18:00 we were finally able to change our course and set some sails.

This voyage we are happy to share Alexander Von Humboldt II with the mariners from the famous Gorch Fock while their ship is under repairs. We are also happy to welcome our other lovely trainees. Some of us have been sailing the high seas for many years, some of us are just stepping foot on a ship for the first time, however I personally think we have a lot we can share and learn from each other in the next week.

Today the conditions have not gotten any better, with a storm brewing we are feeling what the true Atlantic has up for offer. Tonight we will bundle up and expect rain. We will be prepared but we will also be grateful at the end of our watch when we can finally lay in our beds warm and dry. Here´s to hoping for safe seas and fair winds.