35422 – 11.12.2022 – a beautiful sundown

On Saturday Dec. 10th, we celebrated our medical officer, Sabina’s, birthday.  The cooks kindly baked a cake that had the Alex 2 sketched with frosting sugar, all of which was enjoyed by all crew members.  It was the fist full day of the new rotations, so students got to meet their new watch leads, and started to get accustomed to their new rotation schedules for both classes and watches. It was also a full day of class, and the last day to submit pictures to Pamela for the current photography club theme.  The day was capped by a beautiful sundown, one of many of course.  This one, however was spectacular.  And even when everyone is tired from the fun had in Cabo Verde, spirits are high, and everyone is looking forward to this Atlantic crossing.

Colours – Ran by Rafael Martinez


Time: 08:00

Latitude: 15 degrees North

Longitude: 27 degrees West

Number of sails set: 10

Temperature: 24 degrees Celsius

Sea State: F2

Average speed in the last 24 hours: 4.7 Knots

Distance travelled in the last 24 hours: 88 Nautical Miles

Distance to destination: 1773 Nautical Miles

Total distance travelled: 3695 Nautical Miles

Log keeper: Sophia Angi