35322 – 08.12.2022 – A day on Ilha de Santo Antão

Today, many of the students participated in an exhilarating port program. After taking a ferry to the island of Santo Antão, we all piled into safari buses for a wonderful ride through the lushes, green mountains. Stopping at some stunning lookout points, tasting local food and drink, and exploring towns nestled into ravines, it’s safe to say that this shore leave day has been a favorite of many!


Time: 0800

Date: December 8th

Latitude: 16* N

Longitude: 25 * W

Average speed last 24h: 0 nm

Distance in last 24h: 0 nm

Total distance travelled:  nm

Total distance to destination: 1892 NM

Temperature: 22 degrees Celsius

Sea state: NA (in harbour)

Wind: NA (in harbour)

Sailing status: at anchor

Log keeper: Keira Fawcett