35022- 30.10.2022 – day light savings time

Good morning friends and family of class afloat 2022-2023. Today, several of us failed to wake up on time due to our smart phones switching over to day light savings time, myself included. Yesterday we took the day off classes to rest, recharge, and also give our home a nice deep clean. This morning we were unable to get on deck for colours due to rough conditions and so, sang happy birthday at the top of our lungs to Nikki down in the mess. She will be due for a good birthday soaking soon.


(Late) Daily Update

Time: 10:32am (oops)

Date: October 30th 2022

Latitude: 45° 20.48’ N

Longitude: 6° 40.00’ W

Average Speed in the last 24 hours: Around 5.6 kn

Distance since midnight: 86NM

Total distance travelled: 1186.9NM

Distance to destination: 550.7NM

Temperature: 15°

Sea State: 5

Wind Force: 20 knotts

Sailing Status: Motoring with 1 sail up

Logkeeper: Danielle