35022- 29.10.2022 – so lucky to see more dolphins

Yesterday, the 28th of October, was a rough but exhilarating day. We spent the day sleeping and going to class, an average day. However, we were so lucky to see more dolphins. There were babies with their mothers and packs of 12 following the ship. The weather hasn’t been the greatest lately but everyone is trying to stay positive and we’re all extremely excited to get to Lisbon. The waves keep getting bigger and bigger, it’s really fun until half of the students are throwing up. We have three more days of this weather in the English channel, and then we get to the Bay of Biscay with a calmer ocean.


Maia Vincent


Saturday 29th of October

Latitude: 47 degrees 13.6 North

Longitude: 7 degrees 19.6 West

Average speed: 4.4 knots

Distance in the last 24 hours: 96 nautical miles

Total distance travelled: 1,042 nautical miles

Distance to destination: 700 nautical miles

Temperature: 17 degrees

Sea state:5

Wind: 25 knots

Sailing status: 3 sails

Log-keeper: Maia