35022 – 26.11.2022 – the second day of the parent port

Yesterday was the second day of the parent port. The marine biology students left in all haste in the morning, skipping breakfast to get to a rocky beach in time of low tide to complete their intertidal assignment, but all were on deck before 10 when the parent-teacher conference started. The parents got to come on board and most students gave them a tour of the ship, showing them how we occupy our daily lives, from the coziness of our bunks to the dishpit. Since most students had had time to recount their adventures to their parents on the first day already, many spent the second day away from port, at the beach or hiking to the Teide.

Today, we spend one more full day of shore leave with our parents before they get to see us at work tomorrow morning, when they will watch us set the vorstegenstagsegel and brace all together.


Date: Wednesday 26th November 2022

Latitude: 28° 52N

Longitude: 15° 24W

Average speed: 0

Distance travelled in the last 24 hours: 0 NM

Total distance travelled: 2664 NM

Distance to Tenerife: 0 NM

Temperature: 21°C

Sea State: 0

Wind: 1

Sailing Status: at harbor