35022 – 22.11.2022 – Everyone is sick

Good morning! Everyone is sick. Okay not everyone, but on our first day back to classes after Morocco we are all getting our sea legs (and stomach) back and getting back into the swaying of the Alexander von Humboldt II. A bug is going around to, so backshift was a mess because people couldn’t do it between classes and sickness. Those of us not sick had our first day Watches with the new clew. The teachers did a watch from 2000 h to 2100h to make is possible for the entire student body to do a reflection on our experience in Morocco.


Time: 0800 h, Tuesday November 22nd, 2022

Position:  29˚ 35’ N & 013˚ 52’ W

Distance traveled in the last 24hrs: 145 nm

Total distance travelled: 2511 nm

Average speed in the last 24 hrs: 6 kts

Temperature: 20˚C

Sails: 10!

Wind speed 16.6 Kn

Sea state: F3

Distance to destination: Unknown because we are sailing in circles sometimes according to ben

Log keeper: Pamela