35022 – 13.11.2022 – a man overboard procedure?!

Saturday started with a pod of dolphins putting on a show against the rising sun. A spectacular start to a wonderful day. Everyone’s eyes lit up as they took in the flat seas, and the sunshine as they came up on deck to colours. Choruses of “it’s soooooooo niiiiiice” and “can we have our lesson on deck?” filled the air.


After chores and lunch, we practiced some safety manoeuvres, such as a general emergency alarm and a man overboard procedure. After these had been carried out successfully, there were some treats for the Class Afloat crew.


First, a zodiac safari, where students were able to see the Alex-2 from the water, and take turns at the helm. A few fortunate groups were even visited by some curious dolphins.

What else is there to do on a sunny day? Well, sunbathing of course – everywhere from the bowsprit, to the roof of the charthouse, and even at the very top of the Groß mast!

And our final treat after all that climbing and sun? A dip in the Alex-2’s ultra-luxurious swimming pool – I bet you didn’t know we had one, well… neither did we. It’s a bit of a squeeze but apparently its maximum capacity to date is 20 German crew, so we will see if our floaties can break that record by the end of the year.


In the evening, our first mate Tom led an interactive German Command Language workshop. This will be a huge advantageto the floaties, who are starting to call their commands for their watch activities.
Safe to say it was a magical day aboard, and we have to thank the hard-working Alex-2 crew for keeping us safe, their excellent teaching, and always helping us to have the best experiences aboard.


Date: Sunday 13th November

Latitude: 31° 54N

Longitude: 10° 28W

Average speed: 4 knots

Distance travelled in the last 24 hours: 72 nm

Total distance travelled: 2146 nm

Distance to Agadir: 136 nm

Temperature: 21°C

Sea State: 2

Wind: 5 knots

Sailing Status: 3 sails up, under motor

Log keeper: Liv