35122 – 12.11.2022 – Dear, floaty’s parents 

Another beautiful day at sea! Today was one of the first days that we lead setting the sails by ourselves. It was a very calm day and perfect for sail training activities. The weather was beautiful and students worked on deck while the sun shone. Our anticipation grows as we get closer and closer to Morocco.


Sincerely,   Samuel, Wallace


North Atlantic Ocean

Time: 8am

Date: November 12 2022

Latitude: 36 degrees 11minutes N

Longitude: 9 degrees 34minutes W

Average speed: 4 knots

Distance travelled of 24 hour: 95 nautical miles

Total distance travelled: 2098

Distance to destination: 105  nautical miles

Temperature: 21 degrees Celsius

Sea state: 0.3 meters

Wind: West, forse 2

Sails status: no sails