35022 – 06.11.2022 – We enjoyed Lisbon

Good morning everyone! We enjoyed our first full day in Lisbon. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and everyone is full of energy and excited to be at our first destination since getting on the ship. Students did everything from walking around town, indulging in delicious seafood, visiting the Fado Museum,

the castles and the markets. Some even travelled 60km to the beach to enjoy the sunshine and water. Today they will heading out on more adventures, with visits to Sintra and Carcavelos planned, and they are looking forward to the port programme scheduled for tomorrow.


Date: Sunday November 6th 2022

Time: 0800

Total distance traveled: 1725.9 nautical miles

Total distance in the last 24 hours: 15km around town (60ish if you went to the beach)

Distance to next destination: 600 nautical miles

Average speed: 3km/hr

Sea state: F1

Sailing status: docked

Weather: 15 degrees Celsius

Wind: 0.5 knots

Log keeper: Cat