35022 – 05.11.2022 – We’re in Portugal!

We’re in Portugal! We finally arrived in Portugal at around 9h00. The schedule of the day was different from usual: We had 40 minutes classes in the morning. Then, we had a deep ship clean followed by a presentation of Portugal by David and Raf. At 17h00 we left the ship to go spend our first day in Lisbon. A lot of fun was had. Most of us mostly walked around to city and ate long-awaited, fresh, delicious food. We came back to the ship at the end of the night, and we were all very excited for the following day


Daily update:

Latitude: 38°

Longitude: 9°

Average speed 0 Km/h

Distance in the last 24h: 62 nautical miles

Total distance travelled: 1726 nautical miles

Distance to next destination: 600 nautical miles

Sea state: 0

Temperature: 18 °C

No wind

Log Keeper: Sébastien Painchaud