329.22 – 29.07.2022 – Dänen auf einem deutschen Schiff

Törn: 329.22

Datum: 29.07.2022

Mittagsposition: 54 Grad 59 min Nord, 003 Grad 38 min Ost

Das Wetter: A clear sky, perfect for watching stars but unfortunately only light winds.


Danish people stuck on a German ship!

We set full sails as the first thing in the morning, so the sky lighted up in the characteristic green colours. The day brought many great surprises. We had eggs and rice for lunch and cake in the afternoon, and even more sugar came our way when we had visitors from Brigg Roald Amundsen who brought chocolate. We think they came with peace and good luck, but maybe they also brought some hidden traps that we don’t know about, yet . This could be the case because we overtook them earlier today!

We are now doing great progress with everything we got from these light winds.. unfortunately only slowly. On the other hand we are having a great time, and are having lots of fun with boat safari and are playing great games.

So we learned that 16 danish people trapped on a German ship is not as bad as it seems, and we learned that they actually are quite nice 😉