30524 – Heading out from Cuba

Daily update:


  • Time: 8:00am 
  • Date: February 22nd 2024
  • Latitude: 20 degrees 32 minutes north 
  • Longitude: 73 degrees 08 minutes west 
  • Average speed in the 24 hours: 7.8nm
  • Distance in the last 24 hours: 146nm
  • Total distance this voyage: 8704nm
  • Total distance to destination: 915nm 
  • Temperature: 27.5 
  • Sea state: 4 
  • Wind state: 4 
  • Sailing status: 5 sails 
  • Log keepers: Justin and Emmy 

After an eye-opening stay in Cuba, we left our berth in Santiago first thing and spent the day sailing up Cuba’s dry, dramatic coastline. One whale was spotted (sleeping?) on the 10-12am watch! Everyone is settling into a new watch/class rotation. Through the night, we scooted along at about 7 knots with our first chilly night watch in a while. A very bright full moon illuminated the deck making for much less stumbling around in the dark when our eyes were first adjusting😊 Looking forward to this 8-day sail!