30523 – 14.03.2023 – Thankfully we have sugar back on the boat

Apologies… I’ve e tried several times today to attach photos but they aren’t attaching.

As always when on the 6-8 watch I started my day at 5:30am. Always going to the mess to search for food before going on deck. When on the 6-8 it’s crucial to have two breakfast one before watch and one after to prevent being hangry. The bonus about 6-8 is that every morning we get to watch the sunrise and today it’s was beautiful. Thankfully we have sugar back on the boat so after long day of classes everyone got to enjoy cake. After a quick dinner I headed back on watch. I was on look out and Blanche was on helm we were having a great time singing every song we could think of until I got kicked off for singing too much. I was forced to go stand alone by the zodiacs. And of course it wouldn’t a day in the life of Lauren without an early bed time of 9:00. Love you mum can’t wait to see you! Don’t worry I’m not seasick!

P.S. Coles mom please bring the hammock from the downstairs cupboard

P.S. mum please bring me my mittens. My hands are freezing on watch💕


Date – March 14 2023

Temperature – 14,5C

Lat – 43 N

Long – 21 W

Total Distance last 24h – 160NM

Average Speed last 24h – 6,7 Knots

Sails Set – 6

Total Distance Travelled – 11 044NM

Sea State – 3

Distance to Destination – 888NM

LogKeeper – Sarah