30523 – 12.03.2023 – We are sad to leave Azores

Yesterday was departure day from the Azores. Everyone tried to squeeze in one last adventure before our 2pm curfew. My group left early to go on a hike to a lighthouse and a gorgeous lookout point. Afterwards, we returned to the ship and it was all hands on deck to take down the gangway and store the mooring lines for departure. We are sad to leave Azores, but looking forward to our 12-day sail to Dublin.



Time: 0800

Date: 03/12/2023

Longitude: 25º 12 min W

Latitude: 39º 5.8 min N

Temperature: 17ºC

Distance in the last 24h: 109 nm

Total Distance: 10, 765 nm

Sea State: 5

Sails: 3

Wind Force: 34 kn