30424 – Sickness begone

Daily update:

  • Time: 8:00 am
  • Date: February 17th 2024
  • Longitude: 75 degrees 37 minutes West
  • Latitude: 19 degrees 45 minutes North
  • Average Speed in the last 24 hours: 3.5kn
  • Distance in the last 24 hours: 85nm
  • Total distance this voyage: 8506nm
  • Distance to destination: 17.4nm
  • Temperature: 26 degrees
  • Sea state: 2
  • Wind: 2
  • Sailing Status: 3 sails
  • Log Keepers: Zak and Noah

SICKNESS BEGONE. We’re on the mend! Most of us got sick at one point between the Dominican Republic and where we stand now (the doorstep of Cuba) weather it be to common cold or flu or fever or some sort of nasty stomach bug. But, today marks a triumphant return as most of us sink back into normal health and routine – food, classes and ship work – all with nice skies and calm waters. The peaceful day ended with many attendants at Loretta’s language club and some campfire songs sung by the stern. P.S happy birthday mum -Tom