30424 – Another day at sea

Daily update:

  • Time: 8:00am
  • Date: February 16th 2024
  • Latitude: 19 degrees 56.4 minutes north
  • Longitude: 74 degrees, 17.6 minutes west
  • Average speed in the last 24h: 4.2knots
  • Distance in the last 24h: 101nm
  • Total distance travelled this voyage: 8429.6nm
  • Total distance to destination: 92.1nm
  • Temperature: 26 degrees
  • Sea state: 2
  • Wind: 3-4
  • Sailing status: 1 sail up
  • Log keepers: Noah and Hennie

Another day at sea! The sun is shining and we are making great progress in getting to Cuba. Unfortunately half of our population is stuck to the confines of their room as they are fighting the flu – which has come from an unknown source. But we have our suspicions.

However something that brightened everyone’s spirits was the surprise safari. Which only happened because we had to stop the ship to untangle us from a bouy we got caught on. Nonetheless the surprise safari ride definitely cured a couple people. As Cuba approaches we are all looking forward to the days ahead. Another place to explore!