30223 – 28.01.2023 – an amazing day at St Martin’s

We had an amazing day at St Martin’s, on the French side, which included swimming lots, eating amazing food and some people did shopping in the boutiques. We we’re all set to sail through the Drake Passage by the US and British Virgin Islands. Watch 6 saw a weird whale that looked a little like a hot dog swimming besides the boat. Classes are back to normal, and everyone is getting more used to their new schedule. We also celebrated Medeine’s birthday by dunking cold water at her at 8 in the morning, happy birthday!


Date: 28.01.2023

Latitude: 16 ̊N

Longitude: 63 ̊ W

Distance last 24H: 55 NM

Distance to destination: 289 NM

Total distance travelled: 7139 NM

Sails set: 11

Sea state: 4

Average speed: 6,2 knots

Log keeper: Baby David