24.11.2023 – parents of Class Afloat enjoyed walking tour of the Alex-2


Day:  Nov 24 2023

Time: 8 o’clock 

Temperature: 12 Celsius

Sea state: 0

Wind: 1

Lattitude: 32 degrees 38 minutes North

Longitude: 16 degrees 54 minutes West

Avg Speed in the last 24 hours: 0

Distance in the last 24 hours: 0

Total distance travelled: 0

Total distance to destination: 1900 km

Sailing status: N/A

Log keeper(s): Henry M

Yesterday, parents of Class Afloat enjoyed an exuberant and informative walking tour of the Alex-2, brought to you buy Zoe, Bea, Luka, Hunter, Mekhi, Noa and Elijah. The parents got a thorough walk-through of the day in the life of a floatie. Highlights included: Setting the for-untermast, a tour of the dungeon/classrooms, simulated watch change and much more. Many of the parents decided to have lunch on the ship to fully get the Class Afloat experience. The rest of the day was shore leave with families and friends!