18.01.2024 – It´s been a wild ride

The last colours of the semester took place this morning with some crew already gone, flying on the early flights. The ship is clean and tidy, the bunks all empty and waiting for the next crew, which will be… us. In a weeks time. Last night we had a deck BBQ with some questionable karaoke and lots of dancing. The departing 1-semester floaties each addressed the crew and we all said our goodbyes. They may not be with us on the ship next semester but they’re still crew and they’ll be in our hearts as we voyage on through the Caribbean and across the Atlantic back to Europe. The semester ends. The ship goes quiet. The floaties all go off on their own little adventures and reconnect with their loved ones. It’s been a wild ride. What a crew!

Thursday January 18th 2024

  • time: 8:00 am
  • latitude: 12.959
  • longitude: -59.628
  • average speed last 24hrs: 6.08 nm
  • distance travelled last 24hrs: 151 nm
  • total distance destination: 6 nm
  • total distance travelled: 6914.3 nm
  • temp: 24 C
  • sea state: 3
  • wind state: 18 knots
  • sailing status: 1 sail up
  • logkeepers: David Green