17.01.2024 – One last day (at least for some)

Students spent most of yesterday packing for their break, or for the end of their journey with class afloat. the hallway was filled with bittersweet chatting as students reminisced on their favourite memories on the Alexander thus far, and came to terms with the fact that for some, the sail ends here. long-lost belongings were found as closets were finally cleaned out, and the sea bags were pulled out of whatever dingy corner they had been stuffed in. day watches proceeded as normal and floaties will have a last night watch tonight, hopefully filled with lots of stargazing and laughs. students Henry C, Tim, Erica and Anders received their Ordinary Seaman certificates today, after a gruelling exam and study process. Congrats!

Pre-dinner, David Green handed out our letters to self from way back when in Natura and floaties dispersed across the boat to write new ones, and read their old letters. After writing their new ones, and some warm and fuzzies for departing students, the new chefs delivered some delicious dinner and students sat down to enjoy one of their last meals together.


Wednesday, January 17th 2024 time: 8:00 am

  • latitude: 12.959
  • longitude: -59.628
  • average speed last 24hrs: 6.08 nm distance
  • travelled last 24hrs: 151 nm
  • total distance destination: 6 nm
  • total distance travelled: 6908.3 nm
  • temp: 24 C
  • sea state: 3
  • wind state: 18 knots
  • sailing status: 1 sail up
  • logkeepers: Henry M