09.11.2021 – Good Morning from the English Channel!

Time: 0800 HRS UTC

Date: 09.11.2021

Latitude: 49° 17’ N

Longitude: 5° 2’ W

Average Speed Last  24 HRS: 6.2 KNOTS

Distance in Last  24 HRS: 164 NM

Total Distance Travelled This Voyage: 898 Nautical Miles

Total Distance to Destination: 1164 Nautical Miles

Temperature: 13,11°C

Sea State: 2

Wind: 3

Sailing Status: Under Matilda (our new Engine)

Log Keeper: Carleen (Anna) M.

Good Morning from the English Channel!

It’s a beautiful day and as everyone might notice, our ship is really clean. Thanks to the 0600-0800 Watch (Elyssa, Jamie, Rafael, Sasha, Sebastian, Mauricio, and Carleen) and our special Guests (Shipboard Director Samantha, Chance, David J, Freya, and Sam) for power washing the deck. In the last 24-hours we have also seen the first dolphins of this voyage! While we aren’t under sail yet, we are still enjoying all that is around us.