03.12.2023 – Class Afloat enjoyed a Zodiac Safari

Sunday December 3rd 2023

Yesterday Class Afloat had an adventurous afternoon as everyone enjoyed a Zodiac Safari during study hall. We let the zodiacs down and students were able to tour around the ship and take pictures of our beautiful home. 

 Classes were also held as usual and students have been learning about a variety of topics in all of their subjects, such as societal changes in the past 75 years in Global History that’s included the Women’s movement of the 60s and 70s and the fight for gender equality. Art History has been studying African Art and how we view it today versus how it has been viewed in the past and looking at the impact colonialism had on art in different cultures. Our Maths students have been busy learning about Radicals, Trigonometric Identities, and Permutations and factorials. English has been working hard on creating thesis statements that will capture the reader into reading their intriguing essays. Sociology of Community has also been meeting and we have had intense discussions reflecting and analysing our previous port experiences and putting a critical lens to what we have been doing in each port. We have one more day of classes until our arrival in Cabo Verde and everyone is excited to get off the ship after a long sail and enjoy the beaches! – written by Faculty Renee

3rd of December

Latitude: 19 degrees 02.57 min N

Longitude: 22 degrees 21.83 min W

Average speed last 24h: 1 kn

Distance last 24h: 55 nm

Total distance travelled: 995.2 nm

Total distance to destination: 200.6 Nm

Temperature: 24C

Sea state: 2

Wind state: 2

Sailing status: 5 sails up

Log keeper: Valerie