TÖRN 117.17 – Position 02.08. – 08.08.2017 (EN)

Day 4-7: 02/08/2017 – 05/08/2017

Over the past week the sailing has been relatively slow. We were heading North because they cancelled the first starting point. Because of this we also were forced to motor for approximately 300 sea miles. During this time we practiced maneuvers such as man over board and fire drills, along with sailing techniques called facing and jibing.

Day 8: 06/08/2017
Position: 42 ° 37 ‘ North, 54° 40‘ West
Weather: 23 ° C
Total sea miles: 567

On 6/8 we got to the official starting point, and to celebrate this everyone on board participated in a German tradition which is taking a shot of rum to celebrate the starting point.

Day 9: 07/08/2017
Position: 42° 30‘ North, 53° 46‘ West
Wetter: 27° C
Total sea miles: 671

On 7/8 we luckily had very good winds and current that helped us reach 10 knots for the majority of the day. For the most part, this first week has been a great chance for the trainees and crew alike to get to know each other and continuing learning and growing on the ship.

Day 10: 08/08/2017
Position: 42° 50‘ North, 50° 8‘ West
Wetter: 21° C
Total sea miles: 835

Today we wake up to good speeds at 11 knots in which we put 33 miles in 4 hours. We passed the Grand Banks of Newfoundland and are on track and heading East. We have also seen lots of dolphins and whales.

Nick, Max

Grüsse von Bord,