35022 – 19.11.2022 – visiting Morocco

On Saturday November 19th 2022, students and faculty traveled by bus from Taliouine to Agadir.  In the morning students swam in the pool, hiked, and went on a walking tour to see agricultural sites and a blacksmith. We stood in a riverbed that was entirely dried out and were told about the drought there that was making it harder and harder for local people to grow their crops, a sobering moment. We stopped to talk about it and our guide Tim told us a bit more about the challenges faced in rural Morocco due to climate change. Breakfast and lunch was traditional Moroccan food, then we headed back to the ship where we were greeted by lots of smiling new Alex-2 crew. Next stop… Tenerife!


Latitude: 30.4

Longitude: 9.59

Average speed: 0 knots

Distance traveled in the last 24 hours: 186 km

Total distance travelled: 2225 km

Distance to Tenerife: 338 nautical miles

Temperature: 24 degrees celsius

Sailing status: land travel by bus

Log keeper: Eric S.