35022 – 01.11.2022 – a karaoke night

Yesterday was Halloween! We woke up to decorated halls and a ghost scavenger hunt in the mess. The rules: take Lauren a ghost from the mess and receive a candy. The sailing day was choppy but beautiful. Classes continued as usual, but the night turned spooky! Most students dressed in spontaneous or devilishly planned costumes. Lauren, Kayley, and Lea planned a karaoke night and the maritime crew and backdraft helped to decorate. We entered the mess at 7:30pm and gathered to hear some spooky, funny, loud karaoke. The party ended at 8:45pm. Happy Halloween! 🙂 – Scarlett 


Date: November 1

Wind: 20 knots

Sea state: F3

Distance in the last 24h: 143 nautical miles

Total distance: 1436 nautical miles

Latitude: 42* N

Longitude: 10* W

Temperature: 18*C

Sailing status: 4 sails and on motor

Average speed: 7 knots

Log keeper: Blanche and Cat