30824 – Our last day

Daily update:

  • Time: 0800
  • Date: April 142024
  • Latitude: 53 degrees 29’ minutes North
  • Longitude: 8 degrees 35 minutes East
  • Average speed in the last 24h: in port
  • Distance in the last 24h: depends on if you walked anywhere
  • Distance to destination: 959 Kilometres to Melchtal, Switzerland- our home for the next two weeks!
  • Total distance so far: 13524
  • Sea state: 1
  • Wind state: 2
  • Temperature: 8 degrees Celsius
  • Sailing status: in Bremerhaven
  • Log keeper: Keeks and Meems

Our last day on the Alex-2 and it’s all about tidying and cleaning and packing. No classes today, which makes sense because it’s a Sunday after all!!! But instead of classes we were busy on the ship taking everything out of cupboards and getting them into the red seabags. Today we deep ship clean for the last time. By two all seabags need to be in the mess and cabins need to perfect. Not just clean. Perfect. The final cabin check. If we pass, it’s shore leave and then an early night. Meanwhile the ship is swarming with engineers and familiar faces from previous voyages who are busily rust-busting and preparing the foremast for yard replacement. It’s a busy time!