30724 – Sailing towards St. Malo

Daily update:

  • Date: March 26, 2024
  • Time: 8:00 am
  • Latitude: 38°34’N
  • Longitude: 22°25’ W
  • Avg Speed last 24h: 4.2knots
  • Distance in last 24h: 105NM
  • Total Distance: 11856
  • Distance to destination: 1100
  • Temperature:16° c
  • Seastate: 7
  • Windspeed: 7
  • Sailing Status: 2 sails
  • Log Keepers: Nick and Esa

Today marks the first full day of sailing towards St-Malo. As we approach our “starting line” there’s a form of Deja-vu in the air.  Memories of high waves, items flying and cups breaking all flood back into our minds as these memories repeat themselves. What I’m trying to say is the conditions are brutal, but we will prevail in the harsh face of adversity. Those who are sick will feel better in due time, and those who are well will help them. All in all, we’re not doing so bad.

Side note: Happy Birthday Zenith! Hope you’re having fun!