30624 – Awaiting parents-day

Daily update:

  • Date: March 18th 2024
  • Time: 8:00am
  • Temperature: 17 degrees Celsius
  • Sea state: unknown- in harbour
  • Wind: 13 knots
  • Longitude: 25 degrees 39,8 minutes West
  • Latitude: 37 degrees 44, 2 minutes North
  • Average speed in the last 24 hours: irrelevant
  • Distance in the last 24 hours: wherever your feet could walk to.
  • Total distance travelled: 11 686nm
  • Distance to destination: we are here!
  • Sailing status: irrelevant
  • Log keepers: Mégane and Rachel

It’s been a long coming sail, but day three in the Azores for all has been going good so far. Even though classes are still in session while here, the crew has all been supportive and still pushing through. Many of the crew can’t wait for the arrival of parents and to have some family time, and we wish everyone safe travels and hope to be welcoming every one in the days to come onto the Alex-2 – Noah