30623 29.03.2023 – rain, wind and big waves

Yesterday started with colours in the mess due to rain, wind and big waves. After morning chores, classes began as usual. The weather improved by the time we had to go on watch. It was no longer raining but it was still very cold and windy. During our watch, the wind shifted which meant we had to brace again, after having braced on watch the night before. After bracing and some sail trimming, we finished our watch and went down to finish our classes for the day. It was a typical day in the North Atlantic with lots of wind, waves, rain and classes.



Happy Birthday Dad.

From, Sarah

Date: Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

Average speed: 4 Knots

Distance travelled in the last 24 hours: 137 NM

Total distance travelled: 12,238 NM

Distance to Destination: 532 NM

Temperature: 9°C

Sea State: 4

Wind: 24 Knots

Sailing Status: 3 sails up, under engine

Log keeper: Ethan