30624 – An extra day on the island of Bermuda!

Daily Update:

  • Time: 8:00am
  • Date: March 4th 2024
  • Latitude: 32 degrees north
  • Longitude: 64 degrees west
  • Average speed in the last 24 hours: as fast as one can walk
  • Distance in the last 24 hours: 5-10km
  • Total distance: 9666.3nm
  • Temperature: 17 degrees Celsius
  • Sea state: 0
  • Wind: 1
  • Sailing status: about to leave for the Azores! Parent Port here we come!
  • Log keepers: Hennie

The day started with the amazing news….an extra day on the beautiful island of Bermuda!!!! The day started with a not so soothing wake-up of a heavy metal, but breakfast was great. Then floaties set off in  search for beaches, WiFi and a good coffee. This was not hard as anything is better then the boats coffee. People handed in home work, got lunch and had a final day to provision. We had to be on the boat for 1pm to get studious, unfortunately the thought of a dinner out before a rocky 18 day crossing and some delicious frozen yogurt occupied our minds. We were then let back out at 5:45pm and had to be on board by 9 pm as school was the next day. Some chose a fancy dinner while others went to a rowdy sports pub and some got takeout to eat in the park or by the waters edge. Back on the boat we organized our newly bought snacks, are left overs and got ready for the early morning departure to the Azores.