30523 – 18.03.2023 – the students had a day off, however there is still watches

Hello parents,

Yesterday, the students had a day off from classes, however there is still watches. People were doing their OS had their exams – 6 floaties are now Ordinary Seaman with more examinations to come. There were some SOCO sessions to give us a chance to co-create the end of the year. After dinner, there was a bingo game, followed by a St-Patrick’s karaoke.




March 18th 2023

Latitude : –

Longitude : –

Average speed last 24h : 4.3 knots

Distance last 24h : 104NM

Total distance : 11497NM

Distance to destination : 266NM

Sails set : 7

Sea state : 3

Wind : -knots

Temperature : 11’C

Log keeper : Serafina and Noah