30423 – 05.03.2023 – We are FINALLY in the Azores.

We are FINALLY in the Azores. After the daily colors we  scrubbed the ship until it shone and then listened to our trusty ship dad David give us the port presentation for Azores. After, the floaties scattered frantically away from the boat, eager to get as far away as possible from the place we have been trapped on for 16 days. Most of us wanted to get the atrophy out of our muscles and to see any kind of nature that wasn’t blue, went for a hike up the mountains.


Time: 08:00

Date: 5 march

Lat: 37 N

Long: 25 W

Average speed in the last 24 hr: however late you were to the buses

Distance in the last 24hrs: however far you decided to hike

Total distance travelled: 10,656

Distance to destination: we are here!

Temperature: 16

Sea state: F1

Wind: depended on how high up you were

Sailing status: 0

Log keeper: Chloe Johnson