30423 – 04.03.2023 – It has been an interesting North Atlantic

Hi all… A student just told me that her Mum never received her daily update. I checked my sent folder and it wasn’t there. I checked my draft folder and found it, and another. I click send and leave it to go but I don’t always go into the sent folder to check. If the internet drops, I guess it doesn’t go through. Frustrating. Here is the 4th March… could you confirm that you did not receive this?


It has been an interesting North Atlantic, there have been a lot of laughs, tears, bruises, waves, broken things… Some days are busier than others. Some days I watch movies, others I read books. Some days I play chess, others I paint. Some days we break something others we do bosun work. Some days I have so much energy to do stuff, others getting out bed is the goal. But no matter what, always following my schedule of responsibilities of classes, watch and backschaft, and of course, taking care of the ship, the community and myself. We are supporting each other in the ways that we can, to make everyone have a great time knowing that we are really close to next destination of our journey, that the path has been rough but we managed to accomplish it.


Me: David, What happened yesterday (March 3)?

“The world turned” wise words from David Green


Date: Day  March 4, 2023.

Latitude: 35.  18’ N

Longitude: 29.  35 W

Temperature: 18 C

Distance last 24h: 120 NM

Distance to destination: 240 NM

Total distance travelled: 10404 NM

Average speed las 24h: 5kn

Sea state: F3

Sailing status: 4 sails up

Wind: F3

Log keeper: Sophia, Valentina and Maddie