30423 – 02.03.2023 – Which a lot of effort was put into!

“Daily update” an excerpt from Poetic Passionate Poems from Pash

By Pasha Jones


Yesterday, I woke up from a rocky night’s rest,

My watch is 8 to 10, so watch 4 is the best.


But it was seven forty-five, I was already late!

So, I grabbed a cheese bread, and quickly I ate.


The wind was calm, but the waves…oh they were mean

They knocked me down, flicked me like I was a bean


We were going so slow, we had to set something quick

So, we tugged on the fok, as if it were a stick


That morning was crazy, they braced the foremast

But something happened that will leave you aghast


Their pulling was strong, their force was so big

That they split a rope in two, as if it were a small twig


This was the morning gossip, the talk of the town!

At the edge of their seats, waiting to hear what went down


I had no class until lunch, not even back shaft

I could’ve studied, been proactive, or mastered a craft


But I thought real hard, I knew what to do!

I decided that I’d make my daily update a poem for you.


Now did I end up doing anything else, you ask?

You best believe I did not, I prioritize an important task


Now what’s left of my day? Oh yes, it is cookies for snack!

The ones from a box, because in sugar we lack


But I’m not complaining, I probably ate three

And I scoffed them down, with a cup of earl grey tea


It was my dear mother’s birthday; she looks not a day over 25

Thank her for this poem, because through her I came alive


I could not send her a text, I’d get no reply

But maybe this loophole, will let me have a try



I hope you had a great day, yes, I hope it was bomb


Say I love you to dad <3, the dogs, and throw in Toren

And do not forget the blond, yes, I love you Lauren


Dinner was tasty, oh ya it was delicious

The stuffed bell peppers were so good they seemed fictitious


With gravy of sort, it was served on a bed of rice

Everything thing was perfect, even the salt even the spice


And for dessert baby David and I dabbled in some Jell-O!

The strawberry kind that is sweet and mellow


I finished the day with watch until 10

Lookout was great, the ocean was Zen


Now good day to you all, for I am off to bed

I believe this was all about yesterday, that was needed to be said


I manifest greatness for tomorrow; I know this for a fact

Good vibes, fun, and some cash are all things I attract!


Thank you


Date: March 2, 2023

Time: 0800 hours

Temperature: 19 degrees

Sea state: 4

Sailing status: 5

Average speed in the last 24 hours: 5.1 knots

Total distance travelled since Bremerhaven: 10017 NM

Distance in the last 24 hours: 124 NM

Distance to destination: 485 NM

Latitude: 33o 19 N

Longitude: 33o  57 W

Log keeper: Emma