30123 – 22.01.203 – Yesterday we arrived in Dominica

Yesterday we arrived in Dominica at around 12pm. We are surrounded by green hills topped with clouds and beautiful blue sea. The land looks so amazing from out here, and we all can’t wait to get ashore to explore it more. 


Just as everyone was getting into their new watch schedules, we dropped anchor and took the afternoon off. We were fortunate enough for a swim call in the sunshine for our hard work so far. The students were excited to explore our immediate surroundings, so excited in fact that they were leaping off the bowsprit to get in, all the while with Captain Tilman encouraging that they could get more air from the very end.   


In the evening, we had a port presentation about Dominica, and we looked ahead to the other ports we will be visiting this semester. We took some time to consider where we want to be on this journey, both within the community and within ourselves, when we reach graduation.


 Date: Sunday 22nd January

Latitude: 1534’N

Longitude: 6128’W

Average speed: 5.5 knots

Distance travelled in the last 24 hours: 52nm

Total distance travelled: 6890

Distance to Dominica: 0nm, It’s beautiful

Temperature: 260C

Sea State: 1

Sailing Status: At anchor, 1 sail up

Log keeper: Liv